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Pauldron Knight Polished

Pauldron Knight Polished

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  • Made by Zeughaus
The polished Knight Pauldrons are not only impressive in size but also remarkably flexible, thanks to their seven individual segments. The striking design ensures that you'll stand out on the battlefield while benefiting from enhanced mobility. These Pauldrons are fastened securely to a plate collar with sturdy buckles, ensuring a secure fit that allows for ease of movement. Crafted from genuine, tear-resistant leather straps (2 - 3 mm thick) for both authenticity and durability and coated with anti-rust paint on the inside, these Pauldrons are built to withstand the test of time. Whether you're a seasoned knight or an avid reenactor, our Polished Knight Pauldron encapsulates the perfect blend of style, protection, and maneuverability. - Length: about 38 cm - Width: approx. 33 cm Note: The collar is not included in the delivery and should only show the wearing style of the shoulders in the pictures.


Mild Steel


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