What is Live Action Role-Play?

What is "Live Action Role-Play?"

Fantastic Live Action Role-Play (LARP, LRP), is a one-of-a-kind, interactive game concept that orients on ideas of books or films like "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter" or the "Chronicles of Narnia". It places the players into a sort of medieval fantasy world, where knights and damsels dwell and Orks, Elves, Spirits and other beings live. The participant of this game impersonates a role, referred to as "Character", by dressing and acting.

Who could take part?

Everybody. Have you never read a book and thought: "OK, THAT I would have done another way!". This is the basic thought of the game. You ask yourself, what would you do when you were a shiny knight, a damsel in distress or or the wise mage leading a group of adventurers - now you can get the answer. Try it. Act it out. And that is only the beginning. Aside trying to be the hero, there is so much more. All the others around you, impersonating their characters and you can interact with them. And you can stroll through a created world, party in medieval taverns, show your skills in tournaments and so many other things, in order to forget for a short time, all the mundane daily grind.

How does this world come to life?

The ConQuest-Team builds intricate constructed stage props and designs and furthermore, we create this fantastic world with special effects, masks and thousands of trained extras that help you to dive headfirst into it. By this, we create a fully 24/7 interactive simulation of a fictive world that you can visit as a short vacation for your regeneration from the daily stress. The difference to a renaissance fair is, that the entertainment is not only made for watching, paying, passive visitors, but everyone is part of it and can bring himself in, if he or she wants, and can make changes. The main idea is: Fun and creativity!

Aim of the Game:

There is no main goal like in chess or similar games. Every participant can set his own goal and it is your choice to act alone or with all the others. Go to the battle or learn magic tricks, taste all kinds of mead that there are, or try to get all riddles solved - its only up to you. Your very own choice. The only aim everybody has in common is to have a good time together, while enjoying the ambience.

The Story line:

Nearly all LARP have what is called a "Plot". This starts with a background story and a framework setting where the game takes place and a reason for all characters to be there and interact with each other. Its your own choice to follow it and engage in the story actively or just to watch it from the sideline. The level of engagement is up to you - and by this, it is never possible to determine wether there are winners or loosers in this game.

The Event - "Conquest" (of Mythodea)

The ConQuest event is the largest interactive festival of that kind. Year by year in summer, the Brokeloh Manor near Hannover is all about LARP. More than 7.000 participants from Europe, the US and other places in the world meet up with over 1.000 fully trained and supplied extras. The event staff, holding 250 persons, over 120 tons of props and equipment change the manor and more than 60 hectars of fields, forests and else into the fantastic and mystical world of "Mythodea".

The Organisators

The company "Live Adventure", located in the german city of Regensburg is working all through the year to create this event. The 5 employees and 2 trainees manage and prepare all of the the organisation and logistics needed. Also additional work is done by around 20 freelancers and the event staff consists of 250 volunteers.

Meals & Lodging:

The ConQuest is, as most LARP are, an outdoor event. You need a tent, best not a too modern 21th century one. And there is self-catering, so bring your grill. Atop on that, there is a fully fledged supermarket directly on the event grounds and other possibilities to get a warm meal, like from the market stalls in the tent-city.

Your Equipment:

To impersonate a medieval or mythical persona you need some costumes. For starters, you can begin with inexpensive trousers, unicoloured shirts and a cloak, that do - especially when selfmade - not cost more than 30-40 EUR. Of course there is always room for more and only your wallet can limit the price for the costumes you wear and there are enough platesmiths and costume designers on the event grounds selling as much stuff as you may want to buy. Additionally you might want weapons, scrolls, armour or other accessories - depending on the role you want to impersonate, its up to your imagination what you could possibly need. On the other side, what nobody wants to see is watches, mobile phones or neon-colored shirts and sneakers, this will definitly destroy the overall ambience. And, it adds to your recreation - helps you to forget time schedules and immerse more into the story.

Fighting and Safety:

What`s a knight without a sword? Or a medieval court without a tournament? To enable the actors to fight without hurting each other, participants on LARP events use "padded weapons". Those are props made out of foam, latex coating and airbrush painting that look pretty much like the real thing. On the other side, armour is in nearly all cases real. And we enforce that. If you want to be safe, you have to wear a real chainmail and not a knitted grey wool pullover. And with the exception of an unbelievable good design, the use of plastic is not supported by us.