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Historical Leather Gloves Black

Historical Leather Gloves Black

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  • Made by Zeughaus
Step back in time to the days of knights and jousts with these specially crafted gloves. Created from top-grade cowhide to a historically inspired pattern, they are essential for any reenactor or historical enthusiast wishing to recreate a past era! • Made of natural leather; Small marks and imperfections may occur. Roughness and color may vary from piece to piece. Won’t be 100% homogenous. • Dyeing process made using traditional techniques so final color may vary • Color: Black Sizes include: 6 - 17cm to 19cm (6.5\"- 7.5\") 7- 19cm to 21cm (7.5\"- 8.5\") 8 - 21cm to 23.5cm (8.5\"- 9.5\") 9 - 23.5cm to 26cm (9.5\"-10.5\") 10 - 26cm to 28.5cm (10.5\"-11.5\") 11 - 31cm (+11.5\")





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