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Rogue Holder Set (incl. Knives) Brown

Rogue Holder Set (incl. Knives) Brown

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  • Made by Epic Armoury
Epic Armoury’s Brown Rogue Knife Set Holder, is designed to hold up to three Epic Armoury throwing weapons and comes with a Thrust knife, a Cutthroat knife and a Woodsman knife. The handmade holder attaches to the belt using leather loops on the backside. Made from brown full-grain leather and reinforced stitching around the edges, this weapon holder is built to keep its shape and withstand the abuse of a LARP with regular leather care. Fittings: Leather Tie Strings & Eyelets Weight: 155 grams Frog Length: 8 cm Frog Min Width: 5,5 cm Frog Max Width: 5,5 cm Max Belt Width: 5,5 cm





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