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Basic Arming Sword Gold

Basic Arming Sword Gold

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  • Made by Live Action Basics
The Basic Arming Sword is a versatile weapon, perfect for adventures in LARP or cosplay. This sword features a gold-colored cross guard and pommel for a splash of character, and its metallic-colored blade resembles the formidable strength of steel. Designed with comfort in mind, the hilt resembles leather for both aesthetic charm and a secure grip. Made from foam, this weapon is lightweight and safe for LARP combat. Embrace the countless character possibilities this Foam Arming Sword presents, from valiant knights and heroic warriors to cunning rogues and mystical sorcerers. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of character concepts in LARP and cosplay. Hilt: 20 cm Blade: 70 cm Total: 90 cm Hilt: Shore A80 Blade: Shore A27 Faux Leather wrapping on the hilt





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