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Captain Kragen Episch Dunkel

Captain Kragen Episch Dunkel

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  • Made by Epic Armoury
The Captain Gorget is a minor but essential armour piece, available in glorious Polished Steel and grim Epic Dark. It is fitted with strings designed to attach the Captain Pauldrons or other tie-on armour shoulder pieces. The Captain Gorget is part of the Captain Armour Complete Set and thus intended to pair with the Captain Cuirass, Captain Pauldrons, Captain Arm Protection, Captain Leg Protection and Captain Belt Shields. WHAT DOES “GORGET” MEAN? The word gorget is derived from the Old French word gorge, which means a throat or narrow passage, derived from the Late Latin gurges, which can mean both a throat, jaws and a whirlpool. Thus, the word gorget is etymologically related to words such as gorge, gullet and gulf. However, in a military context, a gorget refers to an armoured collar designed to protect the throat.




Epic Dark

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