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Cuirass Warrior With Tassets Burnished

Cuirass Warrior With Tassets Burnished

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  • Made by Zeughaus
This cuirass is made up of a chest and back component connected by adjustable straps for flexibility and an optimal fit. Its design allows wearers to subtly tilt their upper body forward, backward, and sideways, which is essential during swordplay. Three front tassets connected via straps elevate this cuirass, providing added safeguarding as well as a striking appearance. Every edge boasts a 3 to 4 mm thick flange, ensuring added safety for both wearers and combatants. Crafted from black steel and secured by durable tear-resistant leather straps, this cuirass features an interior coated with anti-rust paint for long-lasting quality, preserving its sheen.


Mild Steel



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