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Cuirass Champion Burnished

Cuirass Champion Burnished

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  • Made by Zeughaus

Complete breast and back armor for a great price! Elsewhere you hardly get a breastplate for this money and you have to order the backplate overpriced!
 The cuirass consists of chest and back, each consisting of 2 separate parts connected by straps. This ensures maximum mobility and optimal fit.
In the cuirass so constructed, one can tilt the upper body slightly forward, backward and to the sides. This feature is particularly important in offensive sword fighting and is satisfactorily resolved by hardly any other provider.
There is no rip-off! You do NOT have to buy the back plate!
All edges flanged (even the overlapping sides of the creamer). The flange is 3 - 4 mm thick and ensures absolute safety for wearers and players.
The fastening straps are made of genuine black tear-resistant leather.
The inside is coated with anti-rust paint.
Absolutely clean workmanship. Handwork !


Mild Steel



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